My name is MUSH! After trying to navigate my dumdum self through all this commons crap It’s safe to say my name is Mush!

I introduced myself yesterday. I’ll assume that was assignment #1 And I did figure out how to add a tagline with the help of one of you beautiful people. I like my URL name and tagline. I’m not sure if it shows up for every blog I post but I guess I’ll see 🙂

This blog will mainly be about the everyday trials and tribulations of my middle age self! How I choose to laugh at every situation instead of cry. I am going to chalk assignment #2 up as done! Even though I feel like a first grader who was suppose to write his name for homework and turns in a stick figure family. I’d give that kid an A for effort

On that note I’d like to say I would really have preferred to introduced myself as a trendy cool new hipster but I couldn’t get the skinny jeans on…bastards!! See what I mean, middle age: I want to be one thing and my body wants to be another.

I did upload a picture, my favorite feel good picture I thought it would appear as my blog cover. Shocker, it’s not there. It must be floating in cyber space somewhere or maybe in the twilight zone a.k.a. the commons LOL. Maybe someone will find it and smile and my work here will be done.