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Don’t judge! That’s the audience I’m writing for. Ordinary people like you and me that have secrets or stories they’re dying to tell but can’t because they’re so far fetched and unbelievable, but true!

I’ll admit I may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I’m convinced life is way more exciting and scandalous then people lead us to believe. I’ve had a couple… three affairs in my life. I’ll admit it. Does it make me a bad person? NO! I think it just makes me real. I think statistics show it happens more often then not. Which leads me to my first blog post about this intimate secret thing that happened in my life, I will now share with you, my non judgemental audience.  😉

So picture it. A middle aged five foot nothing hundred and fifty pound sex goddess (that’s me) I can claim this title because I live it. I must give off pheromones (is that even the word) Italians hear words and then use the word or their own version of the word it’s part of our culture….I think, but anyways, I must have something because by society’s standards I would not be considered super model material.

I have this neighbor, I’m old enough to be his mother, a young mother but still his mother. Tall, six foot, body builder. Covered in tattoos (which I find to be sexy). He’s into fitness, got a beautiful wife, two young kids. Good looking family. We are friendly but just casual acquaintances. He finds my cell # on FB and decides he’s going to start texting me. “Hi neighbor” “I saw you walking, your looking good” I’m like thank you being polite, but wondering how’d you get my #? He tells me FB.  I thought, weird but maybe he’s just friendly. Maybe he wants to help me with my fitness, because God knows I’m always struggling with my weight., and I’m out walking a lot. Nope,that wasn’t it because BAM I get the text….this guy is coming on to me!

“I can’t stop thinking about you, I am so attracted to you. I’m not sure what it is I’ve always wanted to kiss you”…blah blah blah…

I’m like Dude stop you’re crazy. ( I should point out, this guy is not my type. He’s conceited, he’s a full blown body builder he competes and everything. He has a permanent jug of water attached to his hand he walks around with it like he’s always in the middle of working out. My type is more the hiking, biking, naturally fit bad boy) So I say… What is this? Do you have a bet with another neighbor, is this a joke? Did my husband pay you to see if I’d take the bait? What is it?

“No, I’m just attracted to you I want to kiss you so bad I’m coming over, I want to check out your new addition anyway” (we remodeled and he was considering doing the same)

He shows up and I very hospitably take him around the house to show him our addition, we get to the basement and he spins me around and starts kissing my neck, my neck because I immediately turn my head and say what the heck are you doing? You are crazy I said! Didn’t anyone ever tell you, you don’t shit where you eat we’re neighbors for God’s sake now stop I’m old enough to be your mother!So I scramble away and he leaves. Now I’m dumbfounded WTF was that? Am I on candid camera? Do I have slut, gives good head, easy lay, milf, across my forehead or something?

A week goes by and I’m still thinking WTF. It does fuel a host of great Fantasy’s for me though I’ll have to admit I thought this stuff only happens in pornos! I don’t regularly watch but I enjoy watching a good porn movie every once in a while. And then he texts again. He says “I just saw everyone leave, you alone?” I said I’m leaving for work I have to be there in twenty minutes. He says “I’ll be right over I want to see you a second.”

A knock on the door and I go open it, I’m dressed in my work uniform which consists of elastic waist band polyester pants…(you want to know what my measly part time job is?)…wait for it…wait for it… I am “The Lunchlady” truth. LOL

So I open the door and he comes in the entrance way he closes the door and pins me to the wall and starts kissing my neck. Whispering “I need you so bad, I can’t stop thinking of you, please… please just touch me, look at it.” I look down and he’s got his cock out and he’s rubbing himself and begging. All while kissing my neck rubbing up against me.

Now you say… Why didn’t you scream or call the cops weren’t you scared? No I was still thinking this is shit that only happens in a porno, my girlfriends would be so jealous right now! He’s not my type but shit hes hot by other peoples standards. I should do this for the bragging rights alone! He’s half my age I’m a Sex Goddess right now!

So as this is all playing out in my head he’s still kissing, caressing, begging, rubbing himself, maybe two three minutes have passed since he came in the door. And he gets his hand in my pants and I’m fighting it because how weird would this be… and I think that turned him on more. The whole thing was kind of turning me on if i’m being honest. Then he hits the spot, I’m hot and wet and it pushes him right over the edge with a loud moan he drops his load right there at my feet, sighs a bit of relief and walks right back out the front door.

So I compose myself, run to look at the time I’m gonna be late for work!!! I grab a towel, clean the floor and off to work I go. True story…don’t judge

I would love feedback, opinions, what would you have done? Any comment is welcome. We all live by different standards, we all have different stories and all opinions are taken to heart so as long as nothing is said with cruel intention I will appreciate the honesty.