I’m a middle class American God damnit!! I bust my ass at a shitty paying job so I have the flexibility to raise my kids and be home with them most of the time. So keep calling, and I’ll keep telling you all to feck off!

My husband busts his ass providing for us, has his own company…union run company, they rape us!!! His employees make more then us! Carries 20 -30 families for the past 15 years keeping his company open for them. He pays their bills, pays their benefits, pays into their retirement, we don’t even have a retirement plan of our own, what we have is debt and loans trying to put money into the American dream…with the hopes that someday it will all pay off.

I drive a mediocre car, I live in a 1960’s built raised ranch that is falling apart! Not in some new McMansion. We do the best to try and get by!

The banks fuck us. The credit card companies fuck us. The unions fuck us. The insurance companies fuck us. The no good mother fucking IRS fucks us.

We can’t get ahead!!!

So 800 #’s stop calling my house! I have no money for you! I’m so fucking broke I can’t even afford a divorce, we’re stuck with each other! Ask Obama for the money he bailed out the banks and the banks did nothing to help us they keep raising our interest rates and refusing us refinance because we can’t pay our bills!!!

What this country should have done was freeze interest rates ESPECIALLY on existing credit cards and loans! When the economy crashed someone should have been looking out for the good hard working citizens! Let us catch up…instead they fuck us up the ass every chance they get, late charges, higher rates… we’ll never catch up!!

So stop calling me you bill collecting 800 numbers! Stop calling and bullying me, and threatening my credit score…It’s already shit you stupid fucks!!!

I’m just gonna keep hanging up …you’ll get the money when I get the money. I’m not a slacker, I’m not on welfare, I pay my own health benefits…  now just because your the enemy you’ll get the money when I feel like giving it to you, it doesn’t matter any more you’ve already fucked up my financial situation and good!! So every time the phone rings this is what you’ll get…

“Hello, this call may be monitored it’s an attempt to collect a debtl”

Hello, Fuck You and have a nice day! CLICK!