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I had a very proud parent moment this morning I have to share.

My 18 yr old just started her new job at Buffalo WW as a waitress. She gets this woman come in at 8:00pm on Friday night and order a cup of tea. She goes to get her some tea and is told they don’t serve tea at BWW just coffee.

The woman is super annoyed at this. My daughter apologizes profusely, says I don’t understand either why they have coffee but no tea, yada yada. Then the woman complains about how noisy it is where she’s sitting. Again my daughter apologizes, agrees, and tries to accommodate this woman.

She tells me the story and says “Mom, what I really wanted to say to this woman was Lady, It’s 8:00 on a Friday night and you are at BWW! If you wanted a cup of tea and some peace and quiet why are you here? You dumb Fuck!!”

Like mother, like daughter…so proud