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I love writing. I love to tell everyone exactly what’s on my mind. I sometimes too, have trouble writing everyday because if I’m not that passionate about something it’s not going to entertain the masses. And after all you want a laugh or you wouldn’t be on my page.

So I figured I’d  give this prompt assignment a try. Pick two characters from different stories ect. put them together…..something like that I can’t even remember what the assignment was. I do know that all the characters I put together end up in bed in my stories. I think I may be some sexual deviant, but no, you fuckers all think about sex all the time too, who you kidding! Ha! Why can’t I write about anything else? Sex must be what I’m most passionate about. I could have picked Goldie Locks and Pinocchio it didn’t matter by the end of my story they were fucking, the three bears were outside watching  and everyone had a happy ending, literally! That is where my mind wanders when I’m out of ideas.

Which brings me to my illustration up there. Writers block is sort of the same as cock block. There is always something getting in the way. For me it’s the kids, the laundry, the husband. Something else always manages to get to the top of my priority list when it comes to writing. I am working on that. Writing is just as important to me as getting cock 😉